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Your adventure abroad starts


Spend one year of high school in Ireland.  Immersed in the language and culture

Ages 15-16

Transitions Year (TY) is a year of high school which focuses on many non-academic subjects, such as life skills including first aid, cooking, selfdefense, driving and typing. A lot of sport goes on, with many different types including: rock-climbing, hill-walking, horse-riding, sailing, kayaking and orienteering. As well as voluntary work, and a curriculum to promote entrepreneurship and create a generation social innovators.

It's missions:

To promote the personal, social, educational and vocational development of pupils and to prepare them for their role as autonomous, participative, and responsible members of society.


Why Ireland?

Ireland is a country in which education is considered the key to progress, combining a high quality education system with great social involvement. The quality of Irish education is recognized internationally and ranks highly in comparative studies. A young country where currently 8% of the population are International students, Ireland is one of the preferred European destinations among students from all over the world and is fast becoming the European capital of new technologies. Ireland offers all of this and more, in a safe environment, with friendly people where you can develop as a person and prepare to face future challenges.

What schools are available?


We work with a carefully selected range of public and private schools both in the city of Dublin and in a variety of less densely populated locations in Ireland, where there will be fewer international students. At GoElite we consider it of utmost importance to get to know the individual preferences of each student in order to select a center in which they will feel comfortable. This will allow them to achieve their full potential, getting the maximum benefit from their stay in Ireland.


Why us

We're a company backed by professionals with years of experience in the field, as well as a fleet of satisfied students who have interacted with us over the years, and have enjoyed our services.


GoElite began, born of the enthusiasm that each and every one of those teenagers have taken back home and communicated to their relatives and friends. They in their turn have become participants in and spokespersons for the wonderful adventure of learning and speaking English while soaking up the culture of another country. We live in a multicultural world and and studying abroad will bring so many benefits in preparing these students for their future lives. The wide range of people in their world, from both their home country and their host country will help foster tolerance, understanding and empathy with others.

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